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About Us

Thank you for taking the time to come check us out. BlackBeard Gear is a small business from Harford county, Maryland. 

Background: I couldn't find clothes my size or ones my size that were comfortable and looked appealing. One day, I just started messing around with T-shirt designs and trying to find a shirt that was comfortable and affordable. It was this moment, that BlackBeard Gear was born. I've always wanted to run my own business and as a child,  I thought I would end up in the music field, who would've thought it would be a #beardlife brand. 

The name BlackBeard comes from my days of music production. Since my partner and I were both bearded black men, we chose the name BBM, BlackBeard Music. Music has always been a love of mine and always will be. 

Beards. Music. Tattoos. That is what BlackBeard is about. It's a lifestyle, not a hobby.