Citrus Ice Beard Oil
Citrus Ice Beard Oil

Citrus Ice Beard Oil

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Wake up with this pleasant blend of lemon and peppermint essential oils, mixed with a blend of argan, coconut, jojoba, sweet almond, grapeseed and avacado oils.

Everyone knows lemon has an ultra fresh smell, but not only will you get the fresh lemon benefit, you will get help treating bearddruf and acne. Lemon oil is an antiseptic and antimicrobial to help with any tiny cuts from trimming your beard line.  

The peppermint oil will give you a cooling effect on the skin while stimulating hair growth, due to its ability to increase blood circulation. 

How To Use:

Use a dime to quarter size amount (depending on beard length) on damp hair. Rub in hands then apply directly to beard,  and surrounding skin. Comb through for even distribution and / or use a boar bristle brush to smooth it. 

  1. 1 Oz. Dropper Bottle or 2 Oz. Spray Bottle
  2. 100% Pure Essential Oils
  3. 100% Pure Carrier Oils
  4. Hand Crafted in Maryland 

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